9.6% of MOT’S fail due to Brake issues

Book a Free Brake Check now for both Class 7 and Class 4 Vehicles in Nottingham

Paramount to the safety of any vehicle is the ability to have an effective brake system. At Class 7 MOT Nottingham we provide both a free basic check or a full brake service for both class 7 and class 4 vehicles.

Free Brake Check includes:

  • Brake Hose and Brake Pipe Check;

  • Brake Disc Check;

  • Handbrake Reverse Travel Check;

  • Brake Pad Check;

  • Brake Fuild Check.

For a full Brake Check and inspection the following areas will be inspected:

  • Handbrake Cables and Linkages

  • Calipers and Wheel Cylinder Check

  • Brake Fuild Check with a complimentary brake fuild top up.

  • Hand reverse travel check with complimentary adjust.

  • Brake disc check

  • Brake pad check

  • Brake pipes and break hose check.

With Roller Ramps that can accommodate Class 7 Vehicles as well as Class 4 we are well equipped to carry out a full service including the removal of the Wheels and Drums. If work on the brakes are determined to be necessary, Fuild Top up and HandBrake adjustment will always be free and any work on your class 7 and class 4 Vechicle will only be done with the authorisation of the owner.

To find out more how we can help with your class 7 or class 4 motor vehicle brake repair and brake replacement or book a free or full inspection of your Vehicle Brakes – Contact us today 0115 837 1141 !